PCard: Manuals - Guidelines


For Card Holders

    • Procurement Card Manual - This manual answers questions on how the PCard works, benefits of having a PCard, how to apply, and how to protect your card. Revised October 2016
    • FPO135 Training Guide: PCard Training for Cardholders – This guide for PCard holders discusses how to obtain a PCard, use it to make purchases, resolve typical problems that may occur with the card, and find help and additional information.

For Approvers

    • FPO136 Training Guide: PCard Training for Approvers - This guide for PCard approvers discusses the approval process, which includes locating a PCard holder's charges, adding comments to a charge, linking charges to a purchase order, splitting transactions, viewing Level Three transaction details, adding asset information to a PCard transaction, and disputing a charge.

Other Publications


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