Property - Fiscal year Schedule

    07/01 – 9/30 First Pass. Begin scanning by building, data uploaded weekly. Notifications to Building Personnel through e-mails, personal phone calls to applicable custodians. Also, prior to scanning memos in the UCF Report and GroupWise will be published.
    10/01 – 12/31 First Pass Follow-up. Begin running unscanned items printouts by department. Department Property Custodian receives unscanned items printout. Appointments are made to return to departments searching for items on the unscanned items printout.
    01/01 – 02/28 Second Pass. Most recent unscanned items printouts are run. Five-Day Notices dispersed to Property Custodian and/or Responsible Fiscal Officer. If no unscanned items, then no Five-Day notice will be submitted.
    03/01 – 05/31 Closure. A printout of all departments with unscanned items is sent to Vice President of Administration & Finance. All items not previously scanned must be done so at this time, or reconciled with the Lost/Stolen form.


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