Fuel Purchase on PCards


The University of Central of Florida (UCF) now allows PCard holders to purchase gasoline or fuel for state vehicles and rental cars. Although UCF is a tax-exempt entity, PCards, unlike Voyager cards, do not calculate the tax portion of a fuel or gas purchase, and departments are responsible for paying the taxes.

For a purchase to be approved, you must submit the following information to the PCard Administrator.

  • State Vehicles: The tag number and the last five digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) must be put in the description of the PCard transaction for the charge to be approved and must be included on the receipt submitted with the PCard transaction.
  • Rental Vehicles: The rental agreement number must be included in the description of the PCard transaction for the charge to be approved.

Submission of gasoline/fuel receipts is mandatory. They are critical to the PCard program. Gasoline/fuel receipts must be obtained from the vendor for all PCard purchases to allow the PCard administration, university, and state auditors to verify and audit charges to ensure that they comply with university and state policies, rules, and statutes.

NOTE: The PCard CANNOT be used to purchase gasoline for personal vehicles – even when traveling on business. Instead, travelers will be allowed to claim the mileage allowance at a rate of 44.5 cents per mile.