Coronavirus FAQ

Coronavirus FAQ

Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions


For all UCF related Coronavirus updates please click here.


What do I do now that UCF has cancelled all travel for the next 30 days?

Work closely with your supervisor and any travel coordinator you have in order to cancel your currently planned travel expenses. If you are currently traveling, please make arrangements to return to your primary work location as soon as possible, while adhering to UCF’s travel manual and the CDC’s travel advisories.

Note that in-state travel by personal vehicle is exempt from this cancellation. For example, if you are traveling to another location within the state of Florida and the transportation method is via personal vehicle, you are permitted to travel.

If you have questions concerning travel during this recall, please contact the Travel department for further assistance.

Does the recent announcement of the suspension of UCF travel apply to interview candidates and other non-UCF employees?

Yes. This applies to all official UCF travel. In order to continue with your hiring needs, we recommend skype or other video capable solutions as an alternative. For other non-UCF employee travel, please contact for your specific questions.

Will central funding be available to cover any coronavirus related costs?

No. Risks associated with traveling are borne by individual departments/projects. 


If I have a conference which is cancelled because of the coronavirus, what should I do?

If your conference is cancelled, follow the refund procedures that the conference communicates to you. For airfare, as of 3-4-2020 several airlines are offering no change fees or cancellation fees on travel. Each airline is unique in their offerings. If travel was booked through Concur, we recommend you contact UCF’s dedicated Concur staff at 855-967-2818. If you booked airfare directly through an airline, or other travel booking agent, please contact them to assess your options.

Will UCF cover my travel if I cancel due to concerns over coronavirus, even if the conference is not cancelled?

The traveler should first seek a refund for any expenses already paid (e.g. conference registration, airfare, etc.). The university will reimburse amounts not refunded by vendors. A travel RV with all receipts must be submitted along with a statement of why the travel was cancelled and that the traveler sought, but did not receive a refund for the expenses for which they are requesting reimbursement. If the travel is being paid for with C&G funds, please reach out to Contracts and Grants to ensure that the expenses can still be paid with C&G funds.

Will I be reimbursed for airfare if the airline provides a voucher/credit for future travel?

Yes. The voucher/credit for future travel must be used for UCF business purposes and supervisor approval must be documented prior to the purchase of any airfare. If the department decides to utilize the voucher for a different traveler, UCF will pay for the change in traveler’s name fee.  

If travel was paid for on a PCard, should I close the PO before I receive the refund?

No, the PO should remain open until the refund is received.  You will need to link the PO number to the refund on the PCard.

If I purchase trip insurance, will I be reimbursed by the university?

No, trip insurance will not be reimbursed.  Most trip insurance does not cover cancellations due to coronavirus. 


As a supervisor, can I cancel my employee’s travel?

Yes, if you decide it is in the university’s and traveler’s best interest you can revoke permission for your employees to travel. Please include on any revocation of travel and we will monitor for any attempt at reimbursement for the traveler. 


When can an employee return to work after traveling to China, Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea?

Employees returning from travel to these countries must self-quarantine and not return to campus for fourteen days after their return.


I’m a student and I need to get home. Are there any additional resources available for me?

Enterprise is reducing the age minimum and waiving the young renter fees for rentals to college students through May 31, 2020.  Please  click here for additional information.

Students wishing to take advantage of the state discounted rates for personal use may do so using contract number L078011. You will need to show your student id at pickup. Please note that insurance is not included in the student discount rate. It may be added for an additional cost.




Can I use E&G funds to purchase hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, etc. for the office?

Yes, as long as the supplies are for the entire office’s use, they are allowable to purchase with E&G funds.

If I work from home as a result of the coronavirus, will UCF reimburse my internet and phone bill?

Consistent with the University’s telecommuting manual, we will reimburse for high-speed internet when employees incur additional costs to their personal home internet access. For example, if an employee does not have high speed internet access, the university will reimburse for the installation and monthly service for a dedicated business related access line for the pro-rata time period in which the employee works from home. If the employee has personal internet access and incurs additional costs associated with working remotely such as increased data needs or bandwidth, the university will reimburse for the pro-rata time period in which the employee is working from home. If employees already have access to high speed internet and will use the same access for university business and incurs no additional costs, no reimbursements will be paid. Departments may temporarily assign WIFI hotspots to employees while they are working remotely, if available.

Cell phone reimbursements will be paid according to the UCF Policy 4-009. We encourage departments to limit reimbursements to only additional costs employees may incur while working remotely.



Can I have supplies shipped to employee’s personal residence while we’re being encouraged to work remotely?

Yes, if there is not a way to receive goods and supplies at your main office, during the remote work period, you may have supplies, etc. shipped to a personal residence with supervisor approval.



How can I submit vendor information while working remotely?

We will continue to follow the university’s protection of sensitive data policies. If you have vendor information to be submitted, please follow the normal submission guidelines of faxing or mailing the information to our office.