Knight Vision Program: SET and Workday Go-Live

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Effective July 1st UCF officially transitioned to a new ERP system (Workday) and finance and human resources (HR) service delivery structure to modernize and simplify our business processes, improve transparency, and create a robust platform for analyzing and sharing data. Read on to learn how the Financial Affairs office is evolving to support the needs of our community as we collectively embark on this exciting new era of transformation!

What is the Knight Vision Program and where can I obtain information?

Knight Vision is a campus-wide program to improve administrative infrastructure and systems for the entire UCF campus community. The program encompasses seven major projects, including the implementation of a new cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Workday, and a finance and HR Service Enhancement Transformation (SET) business model effective July 1, 2022.

Visit the Knight Vision website here for complete information about the project, including on-demand and live training opportunities.

Are the SET and Workday projects related?

Yes. The Workday ERP system features required that UCF streamline its business processes to effectively utilize and make the most of the system’s functionality. By coordinating the SET and Workday projects with one another, our university is cohesively addressing finance and HR service opportunities across people, processes, and technology.

How is the Financial Affairs office evolving because of the new ERP system and SET structure changes?

The new SET design unified most of UCF’s finance and HR activities into one Finance Business Center (FBC) and one HR Business Center (HRBC) per college or division. The highly specialized roles in these centers provide key finance and HR services for their respective college or division. In addition, the new SET model established a single university administrative service center known as the Knights Experience Team or kNEXT to process high-volume, low-dollar transactions and provide customer support for the entire university.

Under this new structure, Financial Affairs’ highly transactional services are transitioning to kNEXT. This means that Financial Affairs will continue to oversee the allocation, analysis, planning and reporting of UCF’s financial resources, maintain the new incentive-based RCM model, and focus more broadly and strategically as a “Center of Expertise” providing high-level financial training and development for college/division FBCs to align with industry best practices, ensure accuracy of reporting, and improve overall resource management.

Following is a table showing the Financial Affairs organizational structure before and after Go-Live:

A few team members from the areas transitioning to kNEXT will remain in Financial Affairs to support the development and training efforts for the FBCs, including implementation and maintenance of university standard operating procedures, policies, regulations, and providing other high-level guidance and oversight. For a complete list of central Financial Affairs Team members, please visit the Contact Us section of our website.

For more information about SET, please visit the Knight Vision website found here.

Where can I find new budget and finance-related Workday job aids/learning materials like those formerly located on the Financial Affairs and/or Financial Support Services (FSS) websites?

The central hub for all Workday system training is located within the Knight Vision website found here. This section provides complete information and guidance regarding UCF’s training program including security access, understanding your learning path, and immediate, on-demand access to the Workday Training Catalog. The learning/training materials providing step-by-step instructions for running financial processes within the Workday system will replace the former PeopleSoft “Addy Notes.”

The new Knights Experience Team (kNEXT) website is the main portal for learning materials/resources and support for university-wide finance and HR transactions performed directly by the center. On the financial side, this includes Merchant Services and Cash Applications, Property, and Travel, Expenses and Procurement as listed above. Specifically, this website houses information or directs users to information regarding business processes and/or general university knowledge needed to supplement the core system functionality, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), forms, and other background or supporting information, as needed.

One of the resources the kNEXT website features prominently is the Workday Help application. Workday Help is the official case management tool that all UCF employees will use to request assistance and support for any finance or HR system or related business process issues. It also houses a growing repository of knowledge-based articles with important tips and tools by topic, such as Expenses, General Finance, Grants, Managers, Procurement, Reporting, etc.

Finally, the Financial Affairs website will contain university financial data and reports (composite fringe benefit rate or “CFBR” rates, financial statements, operating budgets, etc.), as well as essential information regarding financial university, state and other applicable policies, practices regulations and/or guidelines.

Who should I contact for help regarding financial services and/or transactions?

University faculty or staff general users are invited to begin the Workday learning journey by taking the courses and exploring the comprehensive resources found in the Knight Vision Workday Training Catalog located here.

For assistance beyond Knight Vision website resources, employees are encouraged to visit the kNEXT website to either request assistance via Workday Help Cases or to contact a kNEXT Customer Care Coordinator. These highly trained personnel will be able to address the vast majority of questions directly or connect you with the appropriate kNEXT or Finance Business Center (FBC) specialists. Connecting to us directly via Workday Help or one of our Customer Care Specialists is the fastest and most effective way for us to provide the right support.

Finance Business Center (FBC) directors, managers and/or partners within the Academic Affairs Division that require assistance or guidance beyond the support provided by kNEXT will be referred to or may contact the Provost’s Office Budget Lead, who will consult and coordinate with Financial Affairs, as needed.

Administrative FBC directors, managers and/or partners outside of the Academic Affairs Division that require support beyond kNEXT will be referred to or may contact Financial Affairs directly.

Please refer to the following diagram that illustrates UCF’s finance and HR service delivery structure/workflow.