Direct Support Organizations (DSO) Accounting

Direct Support Organizations (DSO) Accounting

About Us


The University’s Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial oversight of the University’s Direct Support Organizations (DSOs). The chief executive officer of each DSO provides an annual budget, quarterly financial reports, and audited financial statements to its governing board and to the University Board of Trustees.

The DSO Accounting and Financial Reporting Team provides professional accounting support services to certain DSOs, including UCF Athletics Association, UCF Convocation Corporation, UCF Finance Corporation, UCF Limbitless Solutions, and UCF Stadium Corporation. Our mission is to provide high quality reports to our customers, while ensuring the integrity of the general ledger and compliance with applicable policies and regulations.

Mailing Address:
UCF Financial Affairs – DSO Accounting & Financial Reporting
Research Pavilion, Suite 300
12424 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3249

Fax Number: (407) 882-1102


Staff Listing:

CHRISTY TANT, Direct Support Organizations, 407-882-1029
ANDREA SMITH-BROWN, Assistant Controller, 407-823-3093
KATHLEEN TILLETT, Assistant Controller, 407-882-1015
EDUARDO MORENO, University Accountant III, 407-882-0009
NATHANAEL JONES, University Accountant II, 407-882-2241
MARY KAYE PASCUA, University Accountant II, 407-823-0914