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The Office of Budget Planning and Analysis provides leadership, administrative and technical support in the development, implementation and administration of the university budgets. Our core mission is to assist the university’s leadership team in developing a financial plan that effectively allocates resources in support of strategic goals.  The department strives to provide timely and accurate data to assist units with the management of their resources, maintain policies and processes that promote fiscal stewardship and accountability, and monitor compliance with State and University rules in matters pertaining to resource allocation and budget reporting.

Mailing Address:
UCF Financial Affairs – Budget
Research Pavilion, Suite 300
12424 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3249

Fax Number: (407) 882-1102


Staff Listing:

KIM BANKS, Senior Assistant Vice President,Budget Planning and Administration, 407-882-1105
ASHLEY HILYER, Senior Director, Academic Budget Planning and Administration 407-823-1448
SEAN SIMMONS, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, 407-823-4361
JACQUELYN DAIGNEAULT, Associate Director, Accounting and Budgets, 407-882-4561
JAY DIVEDIA, Associate Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, 407-823-0818
JOE SCHOFIELD, Associate Director, University Budgets, 407-882-0142
KELLY GILL, University Budget Analyst III, 407-882-4497
BETTYNA LAHENS, University Budget Analyst III, 407-823-2162
STACY VU, University Budget Analyst III, 407-823-0239
ZACHARY WOOD, University Budget Analyst III, 407-823-4009