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Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
Colors of MoneyReference Manual02/25/2021
Fiscal Year End Processing Information and GuidelinesGeneral Information
UCF Expenditure GuidelinesGuidelines03/25/2022
UCF Financials (PeopleSoft) Historical DataGeneral Information07/01/2022

Budget Planning and Analysis

Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
2022-23 Auxiliary Overhead Assessment MethodologyGeneral Information03/15/2022
HEERF Reimbursement Request FormForm09/15/2022
Understanding UCF's Budget Allocation ModelReference Manual03/18/2022

Financial Reporting and General Accounting (FRGA)

Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
Credit Card Refund Request Form
Import Accounting Journal – Central FinanceForm
Import Accounting Journal–Decentralized Accounting JournalForm


Procurement Services

Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
Procurement Services Procedures Guide Coming SoonReference Manual

Red Flags Identity Theft

Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
Identity Theft Annual AssessmentForm
Red Flags Incident ReportForm


Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)General Information 08/04/2022
Automated Worker Classification Questionnaire Form08/04/2022
Consumer Certificate of Exemption (DR-14)General Information04/30/2022
Employee Fringe Benefits Taxability
General Information 08/04/2022
Short Answer Worker Classification QuestionnaireForm08/04/2022
Signed UCF W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and CertificationForm01/17/2023
Florida State TaxesGeneral Information 08/04/2022
Tax Exempt DebtGeneral Information 08/04/2022
Understanding Compensatory versus Scholarship StipendsGeneral Information 08/04/2022
Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Review QuestionnaireForm08/04/2022
Withholding on International PaymentsGeneral Information 08/04/2022
Worker ClassificationGeneral Information 08/04/2022

Travel Payables

Title/KeywordCategoryLast Reviewed Date
Southwest Airlines Booking Tool (SWABIZ) Coming SoonGeneral Information
Travel Reference Guide Coming SoonReference Guide
30 Day Approval MemoForm
Application for Advance on Travel ExpenseForm
Approval of Field Advance for Sponsored Research AgreementsForm02/01/2022
Avis & Budget Booking a ReservationGuidelines
Avis & Budget Dept. of Management Services User Guide for Rental VehiclesReference Manual
Avis & Budget Group Rental Vehicles Price SheetGeneral Information
Avis & Budget Group Select Out-of-State City SurchargesGeneral Information
Avis Credit Card Authorization AgreementForm
Avis Booking a Rental Using an Avis Wizard NumberGuidelines
Avis Global Electronic Billing Terms of AgreementForm
Budget Applicant Program Terms of AgreementForm
Budget Credit Card Authorization AgreementForm
Concur: About Concur and Creating a User ProfileGuidelines
Concur: Assigning a Travel Arranger in Your User ProfileGuidelines
Concur: Booking Business TravelUser Portal
Concur: Booking Car and Hotel ReservationsGuidelines
Concur: Booking Guest TravelersGuidelines
Concur: Cloning a Trip GuideGuidelines
Concur: Preventing Concur Reservations from Autopopulating on OutlookGuidelines
Enterprise National Billing Account RequestForm
Enterprise & National Group Car Rental Price SheetGeneral Information
Enterprise & National Group Truck Rental Price SheetGeneral Information
Enterprise National Pcard UpdateForm
Florida Map Mileage (Cities, Frequent Destinations, Regional Campuses)General Information
Foreign Per Diem Template March 2023 NewForm03/03/2023
Foreign Per Diem Template February 2023Form02/08/2023
Foreign Per Diem Template January 2023Form01/03/2023
Foreign Per Diem Template December 2022Form12/05/2022
Foreign Per Diem Template November 2022Form11/02/2022
Foreign Per Diem Template October 2022Form10/04/2022
Group Travel Roster of TravelersForm
Hotel Accommodations within 50 miles ApprovalForm
Meeting Information FormForm
Power of AttorneyForm
Quick Summary for TravelersGeneral Information
Reimbursement Other Than TravelProcedures
Reimbursement Voucher for NRA StudentsForm08/30/2022
Taxable Personal Travel FormForm
Taxability on Travel Advances and ReimbursementsGuidelines
Travel Advanced Vendor Payment Request
Travel ManualReference Manual06/29/2022
Voyager Gasoline ChargesProcedures