Mission, Vision and Strategic Themes

Mission, Vision and Strategic Themes

Our Mission

The mission of Financial Affairs is to provide efficient and effective accounting, budgeting, and financial services and solutions for the UCF community with an emphasis on customer service, integrity, and quality. Our services include budget analysis and planning, cash and investment management, collection and recording of revenues, disbursement of funds, financial reporting, fixed asset accountability and control, procurement services, student financial services, and tax compliance.

Our Vision

Partnering with our UCF community to continuously improve and deliver outstanding administrative and financial services through innovative business and technological solutions and sound fiscal stewardship.


Strategic Themes

Enhance Customer Service
Our customers feel that we are responsive and care about their needs. We accomplish this by building and maintaining campus partnerships to learn from one another, identifying and implementing practical and sound business solutions, and collectively achieving excellence in service.

Enhance Communications
Creating targeted and more effective messaging to reach our audience, respond to their needs, and clearly communicate business processes and goals.

Innovate Technology and Business Processes
Continuously implementing technological and business process advancements and solutions to support improved university operations and decision-making.