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Allocation and Use of Education and General Carry Forward Funds 3-212This policy applies to all university employees involved in the creation, approval, or
management of Education and General (E&G) budgets, inlcuding unspent E&G funds that are carried forward and included in the operating budget for the following fiscal year.

Budgets of University of Central Florida 4.013 Describes the approval process of UCF's annual operating budget.

Concessions Funds 3-209.2Concession budgets are approved annually and may be expended for purposes consistent with and supportive of the mission and objectives of the university including support of academic programs, student programs, faculty, and staff members. This policy applies to all UCF departments and employees.
Spending of UCF Foundation Funds 2-205.2 The Foundation raises funds to provide UCF with resources for scholarships and to supplement its programs. This policy applies to all UCF employees and relatedDSO employees when using or administering UCF Foundation funds.

UCF BOT Budget and Finance CommitteeA standing committee of UCF's Board of Trustees, the purpose of this committee is to oversee the university's budget and all revenue sources to monitor the overall financial performance of the university and its related entities.
UCF Budget Model RedesignImplementation of university Incentive-based Model and reporting tool, Adaptive Planning

University Budget Process 3-211This policy is applicable to all university employees involved in the preparation and management of the annual operating and capital outlay budgets. Applicable funds include Education and General (E&G) Funds, Auxiliary Funds, Contract and Grant Funds, Local Funds, Concession Funds, and Capital Project Funds.