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Property & Inventory Control

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How do I transfer an asset?
First, review the Addy Note Creating an Asset Transfer Request. After the request has been created, the transferring department’s approver must approve the request. Then, it can be transferred to the requested department.

To do so, the approver should go to the myUCF portal,, and open UCF Financials.

  • Navigate to Main Menu > Manager Self‐Service > Assets > View/Transfer Assets.
  • Click Search.
  • If there are multiple asset transfer requests, select the appropriate one. This will display the Asset Transfer Approval page.
  • Review it for accuracy and add Comments, if necessary. Comments are required if the request is being denied.
  • If the asset is being approved and a Location Code was not provided by the requester, go the Asset Transfer Request page and enter the code for the location where the asset will reside. Return to the Asset Transfer Approval page.
  • The approver may choose from the options Approve, Deny, or Hold. To complete the transfer, select Approve and click OK.

The asset will be sent to the property custodian (PCT) in the location and department designated in the asset transfer request.


Which form do I fill out to declare an off‐campus asset?
Which form do I need to fill out for lost/missing assets for a department?
Go to UCF Financials in myUCF and follow the Addy Note Creating a Request to Declare an Asset Lost.
Which form do I need to fill out for stolen assets for a department?
Which form do I need to fill out for lost/missing or stolen assets for a project?
Why doesn’t the effective date change in Basic Add/Location after an item has been scanned?
The effective date doesn’t change because the asset is still in the same location. If the location of the asset changes, then there would be a new, effective dated row with the scanned date, showing the new location.