Property and Inventory Control

Property & Inventory Control

Fiscal Year Schedule


Phase 1:
July 1st –
October 31st
Notifications are sent via e-mail to departmental Property Custodians (PCTs), Deans, Directors, or Chairs (DDCs), and Responsible Fiscal Officers (RFOs) regarding the current Fiscal Year List of Assets that require scanning for inventory. Appointments are set up with the PCTs once they are ready to complete the inventory scanning. Emails are sent to PCTs, DDCs, and RFOs for recertification of items that will remain off-campus. The Return of Asset section of the Off-Campus form should be completed for assets that are no longer located off-campus. All Off-Campus forms must be submitted to the Property department by September 30th. If the Off-Campus forms cannot be processed by this deadline, PCTs must notify Property and provide justification. It is the responsibility of the PCT to have all departmental assets available for inventory and to accompany Property department staff during the scanning of inventory.
Phase 2:
November 1st –
February 28th
Follow-up. In the event that the items were not located or were inaccessible during the initial Property Inventory appointment, updated Lists of Assets pending inventory are sent to PCTs. Follow-up appointments are conducted for the remaining items. Reminders are sent to PCTs for the completion of appropriate forms to reconcile items deemed Off-Campus, submitted through the surplus process, or requiring action through the lost or stolen processing.
Phase 3:
March 1st –
June 30th
Closure. A list of all departments with items pending inventory is sent to the PCT, RFO, and DDC, as well as the Assistant Controller of Property & Inventory Control. All items not previously scanned must be done so at this time, or reconciled through lost or stolen processing. All assets should be scanned, reported via an Off-Campus form, or submitted through the surplus system by April 15th. Any assets still pending beyond this point should be submitted through the lost process by April 30th.