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Travel Payables

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Are stays at Airbnb reimbursable?

Yes. Effective June 11, 2019; the prohibition on reimbursing expenses incurred through the services of Airbnb while on official state business was lifted. On June 4th, the governor’s office released a statement announcing that Airbnb was removed from the scrutinized companies list. As a result of these changes, UCF employees, students, and contractors may resume making reservations with Airbnb for university travel effective June 11.

Can we reimburse a traveler for mileage to attend a meeting at another UCF campus?

A department may reimburse for mileage to and from the employee’s primary work location to the UCF campus where the meeting is being held. The department may not reimburse for mileage between any Orlando UCF campus and the traveler’s home, regardless of the time at which duties end at the location of the meeting. Mileage is not reimbursable is a university vehicle is used.

An employee’s main work location is UCF main campus. The employee has a meeting from 4:00-5:00 at UCF Downtown campus. The employee uses their personal car and drives home after the meeting. The department may reimburse for mileage between UCF main campus and UCF Downtown. The employee is not eligible for mileage reimbursement from UCF Downtown to their home.

What is the first thing I should do if I am a new travel processor?

Take the online UCF Travel Guidelines course FNPO113.

Where do I find information concerning UCF travel policies and procedures?

Read the UCF Travel Manual, which can be found on the Finance & Accounting website.

Where can I find the forms associated with travel activity?

Go to the Finance & Accounting website and navigate to Departments > Disbursements Services > Travel Payables page, then click Forms.

What is the purpose of an Enterprise Electronic Billing number?

An Enterprise Electronic Billing Number assigned to a UCF PCard allows the cardholder to rent an Enterprise vehicle for a UCF employee who does not have a UCF PCard or for a non-UCF employee. When making the reservation with Enterprise, provide the billing number and the name of the individual who will pick up the vehicle.

How do I get an Enterprise Electronic Billing Number assigned to a UCF PCard?

Email the Enterprise Electronic Billing Number Agreement found here under the forms section of the F&A website, and provide the full name of the card holder. Do not give the card number.

Where can I get help if I encounter problems when attempting to rent from Enterprise/National?

Contact F&A travel department or our account service representative, Dana Fischbeck, at (407) 447-7999.

Can an employee or student under 25 years of age drive a rental vehicle?

If a driver of the vehicle is under the age of 25, but over 18, the person must be the renter and the rental must be paid with a UCF PCard or an Enterprise Billing Number. Per the State contract renters can be 18 years of age or older but must be employed by the university (on university payroll), and not just a student. If they are not employed then the insurance included in the rate will be null and void.

Can we reimburse for travel between UCF work locations or between a UCF work location and the traveler’s home?

If an employee regularly works at two locations during one day, the transportation expenses incurred to get from one workplace to another are reimbursable. However, expenses incurred by the employee to travel to or from their home to their secondary work location are not reimbursable. Travel expenses between the regular and secondary location are not reimbursable if a university vehicle is used.

An employee regularly works three days a week at the UCF main campus and two days a week at the UCF downtown campus. The employee may be required to travel to meetings at the downtown campus on days that he is at the main campus. The transportation expenses incurred for travel between UCF main campus and UCF downtown campus are reimbursable. However, transportation expenses to and from the employee’s home to either campus are not reimbursable.

What about collision insurance coverage when renting from Enterprise/National?

The state of Florida rental contract with Enterprise/National is only applicable in the United States using UCF Enterprise No. 07C1201 when renting a vehicle is the key for insurance coverage. This also applies to rentals in some U.S. locations where the state rental rates are not available on certain days of the week or certain times of the day. It is the renter’s responsibility to provide the contract number to Enterprise when making the reservation.

What is a Voyager gasoline credit card?

Each Voyager gasoline credit card is assigned to a specific UCF vehicle. It can be used to purchase gasoline at any facility that accepts credit cards. It cannot be used to purchase gasoline for a privately owned vehicle.

Air Travel

Will seat fees for air travel be reimbursed?

If an economy or coach class ticket is purchased, all expenses associated with the ticket will be reimbursed.

Will airline baggage fees be reimbursed?

If the number of bags for a trip does not seem excessive for the length of the trip, all baggage fees will be reimbursed.

Are change fees for airline tickets reimbursable?

The increased cost of the ticket should be reasonable, considering the time of the traveler, impact on the traveler’s productivity, cost of transportation, and per diem or subsistence required. Fla. Stat. § 112.061(7)(a)(2) (2008). The reason for the change should be included with the reimbursement request.

Are excess baggage fees for airline travel reimbursable?

Yes, these fees are reimbursable provided a valid explanation and a receipt accompany the reimbursement request.

If a traveler flies to a business destination and then to a personal destination, how should the amount to be reimbursed for airfare be calculated?

The university will reimburse the traveler the round-trip cost to the business destination; however, the traveler must pay the additional cost to the personal destination.  Note: Provide a copy of the business round-trip quote to support the reimbursement amount.

If a traveler’s flight is delayed, are additional meals or per diem allowable?

Yes, explain on the reimbursement request why the travel differed from the time shown on the airline ticket.

If severe weather occurs, are flight changes allowable?

Yes, a memo explaining the situation should accompany the reimbursement request.

If an airline cancels a flight and has no other flights available until the following day, may a traveler purchase a ticket on another airline?

Yes, the traveler may purchase a ticket provided the traveler has made all reasonable efforts to resolve the situation with the airline and if waiting for the next available flight on that airline would inconvenience the traveler. A memo explaining the reason for the additional cost should accompany the reimbursement request.

If a traveler uses frequent-flyer miles to purchase an airline ticket for business, can the traveler be reimbursed for the estimated cost of the flight as originally quoted?

No, the university can only reimburse the traveler for actual out-of-pocket costs.


How does a traveler provide the required conference agenda when it is voluminous or unavailable?

Provide the registration form showing the conference’s name, location and dates, fee schedule, and the items included in the registration cost.

If the conference registration fee includes the cost of a meal, but the traveler does not eat it, can the traveler receive reimbursement for the meal?

No, a traveler cannot be reimbursed for any meal included in the registration cost.

Can a traveler be reimbursed for events that contain additional fees exceeding the basic conference fee?

If a business reason exists for a traveler to attend those events and that reason is provided with the reimbursement request, the additional fees are reimbursable.

Immediately after a conference ends, a traveler travels to another location to attend a second conference that begins a few days later. Are the costs the traveler incurs while waiting for the second conference to begin reimbursable?

If staying at the location of the second conference is more cost-effective for the traveler than returning home, the costs incurred while waiting are reimbursable, provided the traveler supplies supporting documentation.

Is the cost to obtain copies of conference or symposium proceedings reimbursable?


Is the cost for materials needed to present at a conference reimbursable?


If a traveler’s spouse accompanies the traveler to a conference, can the traveler use a university purchasing card to pay for the spouse’s registration?

No, all costs associated with family-member travel are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Foreign Travel

Can foreign travel lodging costs exceed the U.S. Department of State’s per diem rates?

If the traveler stays at a conference hotel and provides an itemized receipt, he or she is allowed up to 300 percent above the listed per diem rate.

 Note: To receive reimbursement, the traveler must submit conference documentation listing the hotel and rates.

Are visa and immunization fees reimbursable?

Yes, if the traveler is sent to a foreign destination on university business, these costs are reimbursable if a receipt is submitted.

Are the fees a foreign bank charges to convert U.S. currency to a foreign currency reimbursable?

Yes, they are reimbursable with a receipt.

Are electrical adapters purchased to convert power sources to U.S. electrical appliances while traveling in a foreign country reimbursable?


Are cell phone rental charges for foreign travel reimbursable?

Yes, these charges are reimbursable as long as the cell phone was used for university business and a receipt is submitted.

Are entry and exit fees for foreign travel reimbursable?


General Information

Does a traveler need to submit a Meeting Information form?

If the reimbursement voucher clearly states the meeting’s purpose in the Purpose or Reason column, then the form is not needed.

Do the tag numbers of personal vehicles used for travel need to be listed on a Group Travel Summary Report form?

No, this requirement has been discontinued.

Are tips made to hotel cleaning staff reimbursable?


If a traveler works outside normal business hours, is the traveler entitled to receive reimbursement for mileage between the university and home?

No, travel costs between the traveler’s official place of work and home are not reimbursable, even if the travel occurs outside normal business hours.

If a traveler receives a ride to the airport, are mileage and tolls reimbursable?

If a family member transports the traveler to the airport, round-trip mileage and tolls are permissible. However, if someone other than a family member gratuitously drives the traveler to the airport, the traveler is not entitled to reimbursement for mileage and tolls.

Is valet parking reimbursable?

Valet parking is reimbursable only if self-parking is not available.

If a traveler chooses to drive his or her vehicle instead of fly, is the traveler entitled to be reimbursed for mileage?

Yes, the traveler may be reimbursed up to the amount it would have cost to fly to his or her destination.  Note: Include a quote for the round-trip airfare cost with the reimbursement request.

Can a traveler be paid the cost of gas in lieu of mileage?

No, the university always pays mileage. It is not permissible to pay for gas to be put into a traveler’s personal vehicle.

Does a travel PO need to be prepared so a traveler can have insurance coverage?

No, the travel PO has nothing to do with insurance or workman’s comp. It functions only as an instrument to encumber funds, so the money needed to pay for a trip has been set aside.

Can a professor pay the travel costs for his or her student(s) and then be reimbursed?

While a university purchasing card should be used to pay for this type of expense, if a professor incurs travel costs on behalf of a student or students, the professor will be reimbursed.

Are limousines reimbursable?

Only if a quote shows that the cost was comparable to the cost of a taxi.

Is a reception considered dinner?



Are business center charges at a hotel permissible?

Yes, all business-related communication is reimbursable.

Are hotel phone charges reimbursable?

Yes, all business-related communication is reimbursable.

Note: Personal phone calls are not reimbursable.

Are laundry charges at a hotel reimbursable?

If a trip exceeds seven days and the traveler provides a receipt for the charges, the traveler will be reimbursed.

Are storage fees to hold a traveler’s baggage at the front desk of a hotel reimbursable?


If breakfast is included as part of the hotel room cost, should the cost of breakfast for the days it was included be deducted from the reimbursement request?



If a university purchasing card is the only method used to incur travel-related costs, is a travel purchase order needed?

Yes, any travel costs that the university pays require a travel PO, regardless of the payment method used.

When a registration cost is for training only, is a travel PO required?

Yes, all expenses that use an account code starting with 746 require a travel PO just like those using 726xxx.

When a traveler uses a university purchasing card to purchase an airline ticket, should the traveler also purchase travel insurance?

No, airline tickets purchased with a university purchasing card automatically come with insurance through Bank of America.

Rental Cars

Does a traveler need to fulfill any special requirements to rent a SUV?

The University discourages travelers from renting SUVs, travelers should rent a van instead. However, if circumstances require a traveler to rent a SUV, the traveler should get prior written approval.

Are hybrid rental cars reimbursable?

Yes, if the cost of the hybrid car is comparable to the cost of a compact car and the savings in gas consumption make renting a hybrid car an economical choice.

Is a GPS device in a rental car reimbursable?

If a traveler will be in an unfamiliar area, a GPS device can help the traveler arrive at his or her destination in a timely manner. Since this device is simply an interactive map, the daily charge for it would be allowable if the traveler’s department approves the charge.

If a traveler loses a gas receipt, can the traveler still receive reimbursement?

Yes, the traveler should sign and submit an affidavit or memo certifying that the traveler incurred the charge, the charge was for gas, and the receipt was lost.

If a traveler receives a parking or traffic violation while using a rental car, is that cost reimbursable?

No, the traveler is responsible for all parking or traffic violations.

If a traveler can rent a car at a lower rate from a company other than Enterprise, may the traveler use that company?

Yes.  Note: The traveler should consider that the university’s contract with Enterprise includes insurance. If the traveler rents from another company, the traveler should purchase collision damage waiver insurance. Once insurance is added to the base rental cost, the total rental cost per day will likely make renting a car from another company more expensive.

What should a traveler do if Enterprise has no location at the traveler’s destination or has no cars available at that destination at the time the traveler needs a car?

In these circumstances, the traveler may use another company as long as the traveler includes an explanation memo with the reimbursement request.

Are Enterprise Plate Pass charges reimbursable?


UCF Substitute W-9 Form and Checks

What is required for a vendor to be set up in UCF Financials?

A completed UCF Substitute W‐9 is required. Information must be clear and legible. W9s should be submitted using the university’s electronic submission tool

Did you know that you can view the vouchers that paid your vendors or suppliers?

Vouchers scanned on or before Nov. 30, 2010, may be viewed in ViewStar.  Email or call (407) 823‐5609 for help.  Vouchers scanned on or after Dec. 1, 2010 can be retrieved through UCF Financials.  For assistance, call the Help Desk at (407) 883‐3173.

May checks be picked up?

Generally all checks should be mailed, but if requested, they may be picked up by the vendor. Check pickup by any person other than the vendor is limited to the following situations:

  • An honorarium for a speaker or guest lecturer if the speaking engagement is after office hours or on weekends and the vendor wants payment after the service is rendered.
  • Entertainer or concert performer whose performance is after office hours or on weekends and the vendor wants payment after the service is rendered.
  • Priority rush payment to a lawyer who handles visa application and applicable visa fees.
  • Payment to a United States Post Office that doesn’t accept the PCard for the purchase of stamps or replenishing stamp meters.
  • Stipends for REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) or URE (Undergraduates Research Experience) students. The project manager or project coordinator may pick up the checks for distribution to the recipients only after they have met the deliverable requirements of their awards.
  • Exceptional circumstances supported by appropriate and reasonable justification.

Checks for pickup are marked PU on the vouchers. Check pickups must have prior approval attached to the voucher packet. Send requests for approval to Adoracion Santos, Associate Controller, Disbursements, or Glen Carlson, Senior Associate Controller, Disbursements.

Can missing, lost, or outdated checks be replaced?

Yes, contact your respective Travel or Vendor Payables accountant/processor for proper handling. Provide a reason or justification for the request to facilitate the completion of the void/stop payment form. Original checks that need to be canceled or replaced must be stamped VOID and returned to Finance & Accounting, if available.